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Practical Ideas for Helping Your Teen Serve God This Summer

 If I said your teen could do something today that would have eternal impact, would you want them to do it? I have been thinking a lot lately about what teens can do that could have eternal significance. Sometimes I think that teens feel like their time to impact eternity won't come until they are older and can get more education or have more influence. Maybe some even excuse themselves from serving God because, well, that's for older folks.  I hope that's not the thinking of your teen very often. Most Christian teens I meet want to serve God and make a difference. I hope yours are no different.


Here is a list of ideas that I've come up with of ways to help them serve God right now. You can take what I’ve written and suggest those you like to your teen. As summer break is here, these can also help when you hear, “I am bored.” Some of these take more time and energy than others, but all of them have the potential to make a difference for God.


  • Help a younger child with some summer tutoring or school review and pray with them before you leave.
  • Read a story to a younger child that teaches a Bible principle and then explain it to them.
  • Ask if you and some friends can put on a short skit in youth group on a character trait.
  • If you like to write, take a stab at writing a Gospel track for teens or a Facebook note about what God's doing in your life.
  • Invite a new kid in your youth group over to play Xbox or Wii. Pray with them before they leave or if they aren't a Christian, start to build that relationship so you can talk to them about God.
  • Pray with a friend. Exchange prayer requests and help each other find verses of promise about prayer.
  • Send a teacher an email or Facebook message letting them know you appreciate them.
  • Email a missionary from your church, ask if they have kids you can stay in touch with.
  • Make a YouTube video to advertise your next youth activity or your youth group in general.
  • Make a Fan page on Facebook for your youth group. (Ask your Youth Pastor first.)
  • Ask to help with the children's ministry at your church.
  • Get some younger neighborhood kids together and teach them some sports skills you've learned. Have prayer with them all before they go home.
  • Help coach a kid's sports team.
  • Ask to sing or play an instrument at church or at a local nursing home.
  • Ask at your church about putting together a program with other teens for a nursing/retirement home.
  • Text a Bible Verse to a friend and let them know you are praying for them.


I am sure there are many many more ways for teens to serve God and impact eternity.  What are some creative ones you can think of? Why not suggest that your teen recruit some friends to help with one or more of the ideas above. Discuss other ideas with your church leadership and other parents.

We hope these are helpful. If our school can be of help to you during the summer, please contact us. We strongly believe in instilling not just a good education in our students, but a ministry mindset.  We want our students to learn to serve the Lord and others. If you are looking for a Christian education alternative, please browse our website and contact us for a visit.  We would enjoy meeting you.